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Adaptable & Customizable For Any Application

The Versa Series by Ohio Drone, LLC is a range of American Engineered and Manufactured P107 Quadcopter sUAS Drones designed to be compliant to the FAA 2023 regulations. This series has been specifically designed for professional and commercial users.


The base model Versa supports VLOS operations with precision landing capabilities. Standard applications include inspections, land surveying, photography/videography use and includes an upgraded controller, hard case, extra controller battery, 2 spare drone batteries, 12V charger, and 1 set of spare props.

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Series Specifications
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Starting at $2,599.99

The Versa base model is ideal for inspections of building facades, interiors, cell towers, windmills, bridges, and roadways.

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Top Camera Mount

Camera Add-on

Aurora Duo




Photo Coming Soon

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Starting at $3,599.99

The Versa Grid model is ideal for inspections of energy grids including towers/poles, lines, stations, and more.

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Future Series Features

BVLOS Enabling Remote Live-Streaming


Long Range BVLOS Capable Connectivity


Long Range BVLOS Capable Fuel System