AMITOLA, an Ohio Drone partnership company, is launching Streaming Revolution, a SaaS platform for secure live-streaming, tested at the National UAS Training & Certification Center out of Sinclair College

CINCINNATI, OH, 06/03/2021 - AMITOLA, LLC, a start-up SaaS company co-founded by Ohio Drone and asset management company Rawhide Intelligence Services, partnered with Sinclair Community College’s National UAS Training & Certification Center to test and deploy AMITOLA’s premier SaaS product, Streaming Revolution™.

“Sinclair’s National UAS Training and Certification Center represents the culmination of a focused vision dedicated to creating the most comprehensive and pioneering facility and resources for the advancement of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technologies.”

Streaming Revolution™, AMITOLA’s newly launched product, is a secure live-streaming platform that works with any wifi/cellular enabled device and supports streaming from drones, action cameras, and more while also supporting live screen-share from Tablets and Mobile devices. Together, these features will allow drone pilots and other field operators to live-stream flights and display data from any device for more efficient operations and BVLOS missions.

Sinclair College UAS Program Manager for Commercialization and Technology Transfer, Seth Schwartz, Says:

“Streaming Revolution will be an important tool for first responders to support their drone fleet; and represents a substantial upgrade for first responders no longer being required to use hot spots and free public video servers [Streaming Revolution w/ T-Mobile] will increase security for the betterment of our communities as a natural next evolution for drone space.”

From Left to Right: Seth Schwartz, Sinclair Program Manager for Commercialization and Technology Transfer; Amanda Cannell, AMITOLA CEO; Dr.Steven Mandell, AMITOLA Board Chairman; Dr.Andrew Shepherd, Sinclair Executive Director and Chief Scientist; and Zack Mandell, AMITOLA President; at the Sinclair College National UAS Training and Certification Center in Dayton, Ohio 1/19/2021.

AMITOLA will optimize the student UAV experience by creating education packages for the Streaming Revolution platform so that students can train on advanced UAVs with the best in streaming technology.

AMITOLA, LLC CEO, Amanda Cannell, Says:

“This is an exciting step for Streaming Revolution, we are all about pushing the envelope of technological advancement and working with Sinclair, a leading UAS education and certification provider, helps push AMITOLA to continue developing innovative and value-added tools in support of the UAV industry.”

For More Information Visit for a Video Demonstration.


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