Cincinnati based Drone company partners with Ohio based Liquid Hydrogen Energy and Power Systems company to bring advanced autonomous solutions to the renewable energy industry.

CINCINNATI, OH, 01/21/2021 - Ohio Drone, LLC (OHD), a start-up drone technology company established in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2017 under the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), partnered with NEOEx Systems, Inc (NEOEx), a fellow Ohio-based company dedicated to providing on-board liquid hydrogen (LH2) energy storage and fuel cell power system integration services to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturers.

NEOEx, with Ohio Drone as their UAV partner, was awarded and recently announced the beginning of a Phase 1 STTR research contract through the 2020 Agility Prime AFWERX program to “develop the NEOEx EXTEND™ Energy and Power System and associated infrastructure for dual use support of military and commercial flying cars.” The full team includes: The Ohio State University, Ohio Drone, Moran Innovation, and Lead Off The X.

After the successful completion of the contract the NEOEx and Ohio Drone team look forward to prototyping, testing, and deploying the LH2 E-VTOL Fixed Wing Hybrid for Delivery Applications.

NEOEx Systems President and CEO, Mark Haberbusch, Says:

“I am excited to get started with our team to help our customers understand how hydrogen provides new mission capabilities by extending the flight duration of electric flying cars and drones by 20x over batteries and that hydrogen can be part of a microgrid energy storage support structure for base operations”.

The LH2 based system will enable drones less than 55lbs to extend their range and flight time up to 20x their existing capacity. Currently, these drones typically run on standard Lithium Ion batteries, Gasoline, or other power sources at ranges starting at 2 miles and on average maxing at 45 miles. Coupled with Ohio Drones cellularly enabled swappable payload line of sUAV models drones will be able to be economically and conveniently adopted into any mission set without the well known and dredded efficiency drag of replacing depleted batteries every 10-20 minutes.

Ohio Drones CEO, Rob Charvat, Says:

“This technology will transform just about every major industrial sector. As pioneers in our field we recognized that what Mark Habarbusch at NEOEx is doing is game changing and we absolutely had to find a way to deploy their advancements into our product offering. We’re proud to be selected as NEO Extend Systems UAV development partner and can’t wait to deploy these systems and watch them change the world.”

In addition to the STTR, the group is working to support a drone delivery project for food security and pharmaceutical delivery in the state of Alaska and expects to see this technology become a prime contributor to the project.

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