Ohio Drone, LLC joins forces with partner Rawhide Intel Services as AMITOLA, LLC to become a T-Mobile Partner for Live-Streaming Technology supported by America's largest 5G network.

CINCINNATI, OH, 10/21/2020 - Ohio Drone, LLC (OHD), a start-up drone technology company established in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2017 under the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), recently partnered with SaaS company Rawhide Intel Services to commercialize a live-streaming platform for UAV operators called Streaming Revolution. The software enables drone pilots to live-stream their flight to remote viewers providing them with the feed and data they need to optimize field operations. To launch Streaming Revolution the companies have joined forces as AMITOLA, LLC to become a T-Mobile Business Partner of Streaming Revolution going live January 2021 with the goal of growing to over 100,000 accounts in the first year.

T-Mobile’s Director of Partner Programs & Alliances, Amy Rintamaki Says:

“We’re so excited to have AMITOLA on board.”

Through the partnership with T-Mobile the Streaming Revolution platform will feature the highest upload speeds available on America’s largest 5G network. At launch the platform will be made available to government and enterprise users with consumers gaining access by Q4 of 2021.

Ohio Drone’s CEO, Rob Charvat Says:

“We started using live-streaming technology to optimize our field operations in 2018. With the evolution of the industry we’ve seen how in-demand a solution like ours is for field operators and anyone needing a live-streaming system capable of high data performance. Streaming Revolution is that system and we are so excited to partner with T-Mobile as the connectivity provider for their incredible network and reliability and Hyperion as the technology partner for all our IOT needs. ”

To support the launch of the Streaming Revolution platform on T-Mobile's network Ohio Drone is working with Hyperion Partners, a T-Mobile Master Agent, on integrating technology that will make the newest series of sUAV’s from Ohio Drone (the Avarii for first responders and the Versa for inspection operators) SIM compatible with satellite back-up for ‘out-of-the-box’ BVLOS Lost-Link Mitigation, Remote ID, and Live-Streaming. These drones will be available for pre-sale in Q4 2020 from the Ohio Drone website and for purchase in Q1 2021 from the AMITOLA store.

For drones not ‘out-of-the-box’ compatible, Ohio Drone plans on making Universal UAV Connectivity Adaptors available for purchase in 2021 through the AMITOLA store allowing non-OHD manufactured drones access to the connectivity network directly from the drone making them Remote ID compliant.

Hyperion’s Director of Channel Sales, John Morgantini says:

“Hyperion has seen an explosion of private and public sector need in the drone industry. We are excited to help bring Ohio Drone’s secure, turn-key drone streaming solutions (Streaming Revolution through AMITOLA, LLC) to market on the T-Mobile network.”

Ohio Drone, LLC with the support of their SaaS partner Rawhide Intel Services secured the patent for the Streaming Revolution technology and plans on incorporating an internally developed Asset Management platform scheduled to be launched in November 2020.

How will all this work and what will it do for the industry?

Remote ID (RID)

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced that RID will become mandatory by 2023, perhaps sooner, across the industry but has not defined how it should be accomplished. Working with a series of technology partners, Ohio Drone will enable cellular connectivity to function as Remote ID using Satellite and advanced router technology. This will make Remote ID compliance accessible to all drones no matter the manufacturer and best of all it will be backwards compatible so fleet managers won’t have to worry about the large expense that would be retiring dozens or hundreds of vehicles from their fleet with years of functionality remaining.

BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight)

Part of the country’s goal for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is to develop shared airspace methodologies that will support the safe operations of drones and planes together. The trouble has been how best to accomplish this. NASA and the FAA have launched BVLOS and shared airspace initiatives like Sense and Avoid to facilitate technology development that will enable these vehicles to work together opening up a whole new world to the commercial sector. Working with a group of technology partners Ohio Drone will bring BVLOS Risk Mitigation, Networking Connectivity, and Remote Tower capabilities together to offer a nationwide network of shared airspace enablement. This will make shared airspace accessible to all drones no matter the manufacturer, setting the stage for a bloom of innovation from the commercial industry and rapid adoption from the consumer markets.

FIGURE 1. Classification of drone status with respect to an operator. (VLOS, visual line of sight; RLOS; radio line of sight; BRLOS, beyond radio line of sight).

Consumer and Commercial Operations

These technology programs focus on safety and accessibility but the byproduct of accessible enablement opens the door for rapid adoption of UAVs across every industry in the domestic economy from drone delivery to drone mobility, and to use cases we haven’t even dreamed up yet.

The use of drones in the sectors of the economy.

AMITOLA’s CEO (Ohio Drone’s COO), Amanda Cannell Says:

“We’re excited to see how quickly this emerging industry is evolving and through AMITOLA we will be able to serve the larger market with our experience as technology integrators. Looking ahead we see AMITOLA growing to become the industry's one-stop shop for enablement of networked and non-networked UAV’s, ancillary devices, and service providers.”

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