Pandemic response

Ohio Drone is dedicated to serving the community through this COVID-19 health crises.

Emergency Response Support

Our trained response team supplements emergency response teams by providing FAA licensed pilots and technology to support response activities.


Asset Security

Let us alleviate your manpower capacity issue and reduce your personnel exposure risk. 


Emergency Infrastructure Support

A global health crises is no time to fall behind on critical infrastructure support. Our specialist drone pilots perform critical infrastructure inspections using less manpower and fewer resources in less time than traditional inspections virtually eliminating personnel exposure risk.


Custom Drone Design

COVID-19 has changed the way we work but our needs still remain. We use drones to innovate new methods of working, let us customize a drone and flight training for your needs. 


Communications Network Support

During these early days of crises management and shelter-in-place social distancing we have seen that communications networks have taken on increased traffic causing significant distruptions in service. Our Improved Emergency Management Drone project is working on providing increased capacity for areas experiencing disruptions or network failures. Contact us to learn how you can participate in the project development, testing, and launch.


intelligent image analysis

Operational Asset Management

Using artificial intelligence and human engineering protocols to deliver management, operational, maintenance, and risk information through proprietary software that includes image analysis and analytics of your assets utilizing traditional intelligence techniques including GEOINT, IMINT, MASINT, and TECHINT combined with machine learning and analytics.

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Data Collection Via Advanced Sensor Technology

Our drone technology is capable of deploying multiple sensor technologies at once to track field teams, assets, locations, safety conditions, and so much more...


Wireless Bridge


Particulate Matter




Carbon Monoxide


Light Intensity


Carbon Dioxide






Cloud data dashboards

Data Highlights Via Advanced Deep Dive Tools

Your data is only as useful as the analysis tools available to you. Our asset management partners enable you to view your data in impactful ways enabling you to rapidly deploy response teams.

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Device Dashboard

Live Sensor Dashboard

Location Dashboard

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 10.51.37

iOS App

Android App


How We Can Support Your First Responders With Drones

Pre-Response Evaluation.png

When you receive a call for non-life threatening emergency services at a residence or office our Ohio Drone ‘COVID-19 Response Unit’ arrives on site prior to your paramedics, firefighters, or police to conduct initial temp evals on relevant drone accessible persons; deliver PPE to if determined necessary, and notify enroute units if COVID-19 conditions are detected onsite.

Pre-Response Evaluation
Community Fire Response.png

Due to the increased volume of emergency calls your local fire departments regular patrols may be overwhelmed leaving these otherwise vacant buildings and nearby homes vulnerable. Our local drone pilots perform these patrols for you by flying the sectors you identify as at risk,. Simultaneously live-streaming to your team and ready to notify you for any emergency conditions.

Community Fire Response

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding any of our Pandemic Response Services you can send an email ( including your name, phone number, and email ) to or call Rob directly at  1-440-915-5269.

Frequently asked questions

Why should my department / company / organization use drone services?

Due the rapid spread of the novel virus COVID-19 many states are issuing shelter-in-place social distancing orders or stay-at-home orders. While these orders are immensely critical to slow the spread of the virus they have also impacted businesses and community services as many are not structured for long-term remote operations. This has resulted in service delays, capacity issues, and more. Drone services provide a way for businesses that require field operating teams to maintain service and operations while also protecting their human capital from exposure to the potentially fatal virus.

What if my department doesn't have a budget for these services?

Thanks to state and federal relief efforts critical public services are able to apply for relief assistance funding during this global health crises. For more information on these programs and how to apply for these funds please refer to your state networks or any of the following resources:

Will Ohio Drone offer any financial assistance?

At this time no financial assistance is available. However, Ohio Drone, LLC is currently in the process of applying for a program that will enable us to provide financial assistance of up to 100% to public services organizations and/or up to 50% to critical businesses on a limited basis and depending on availability during this COVID-19 Health Crises with a priority placed on public services organizations like police departments, fire stations, hospitals, clinics, etc.. If you are interested in taking part in this financial assistance program please email us with a Letter of Interest on company/org letter head with a brief description of your company/org and stating:

1) Type of Organization/Business Service (ex: Fire Department, EMT & Firefighting) 2) Ohio Drone Service(s) Needed & Reason 3) Anticipated Date of Need & Duration of Need 4) Community Size Served 5) How these services can be utilized by your company/org once operations return to normal.

Template provided above.

How much is a fully equipped mission?

Estimates vary based on equipment needed, how long the mission takes, and if there are any travel costs associated. Generally speaking for a mission within 50 miles of a licensed and equipped response team you are looking at a mission fee of $350, plus the total team hourly rate of $795 (this includes FAA licensed UAS pilots, Data Analyzers, and Asset Managers), plus a charge for any additional custom equipment/sensor needs your mission may require. Specialty Sensor missions include the Wireless Bridge and up to 3 sensors shown above, there may be an additional fee and/or equipment cost to accommodate more than 3 sensors or other advanced detectors not listed above. For an estimate on a fully equipped mission or for estimates on smaller missions please contact us at or contact our Pandemic Response Lead & CEO, Rob Charvat directly at

What if my department / company has the drones & equipment we need and we only need licensed pilots?

Ohio Drone, LLC has FAA Part 104 licensed pilots who perform inspection, photography, and event flights. Contact us for pilot availability, costs, and scheduling.