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Together with a coalition of 7 innovative and major organizations Ohio Drone, LLC is working to develop a comprehensive Delivery Drone Ecosystem capable of safely delivering fragile, secure, and sensitive parcels.  This ecosystem will be the most robust and comprehensive solution available from anyone operating in the United States. 

Porcine (Swine) Blood Sample Delivery

The Problem:


Every year millions of blood tests are completed on swine livestock across the US checking for communicable diseases and herd threatening illnesses.

In the current network of couriers and 'snail mail' it can take up to a week for a farmer to receive test results from the lab about their quarantined pigs resulting in the spread of illness and losses of livestock.

In 2014 the NPPC estimated that over 5 million pigs were lost to disease and illness.

A financial impact of almost $1 billion across the $26.5 billion industry.

Expediting this outdated process will help to prevent the spread of porcine communicable diseases saving farmers millions.


How It Works


A farmer has identified a pig who appears to be experiencing symptoms of disease and/or The State or USDA has issued a standstill order to all pig farms and pigs in-transit for testing.

Farmer(s) take the necessary biological samples from the quarantined pig(s), package the sample(s) with applicable shipment labeling, and deposits the package into their nearest Valqari Mailbox. Immediately a drone is deployed from the nearby dispatch station to pick up the package and begin its journey to its designated end-point, in this case the testing lab the sample is assigned to, where the lab technicians can receive the package and begin sample pre-processing. 

How Would You Use The System?

We are currently seeking Commercial Application Partners who are interested in deploying this system either for a niche market purpose or for general parcel delivery. 


To learn more and find out how to get involved contact:


Ohio Drone, LLC

Project Lead: Graham Burris

Phone: 513-828-0860

Email: graham.burris@ohiodronellc.com

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