Aerial Photography

Ohio Drone implements cutting-edge aerial technology equipment to meet the diverse imaging needs of our clients. In the ever-changing technological world, we live in today, the need for innovative UAV photography and videography aerial perspectives has become a paramount necessity for real estate marketing, as well as golf courses, live events, business, construction, development & industry, and it's become a trending inspiration among popular culture.


Utilizing only trained, experienced UAV pilots and following strict safety and regulatory guidelines, Ohio Drone LLC excels at capturing all aspects of life from a different perspective. No project is too big or too small.






With hundreds of houses on the market competing for the buyer's attention, aerial photography give listings the differentiating factor they need to stand out and be noticed. 



From roof inspections to construction sites to manufacturing overviews, nothing captures the size and scale of an industrial operation quite like a drone.

Special Event Photography


Whether it's a store grand opening, parade or festival, aerial photos and videos help tell the story of your special event. No event is too big or small.



Standard ground based landscapes just cannot complete with the breathtaking views that can only be captured from the air. We do take custom orders.