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At OHD (Ohio Drone, LLC) we aren't just drone manufacturers, we are drone enablers. Our holistic approach to the development of drone technology sets us apart from other manufacturers because we realize that to have “staying power” in this still evolving industry you need to think beyond just the drone to the network the drones fly on and the software the drones utilize. 

We have a vision that all UAS pilots and operators will fly on our drone agnostic network, utilizing our cross-platform device agnostic software integrations, with a preference to fly OHD drones over any other brand for our intuitive controls and our out-of-the-box supportive user ecosystem.

To accomplish this vision we have partnered with a number of big names in the IOT, Tech Reshoring, Security, and Energy industries. Leading companies like T-Mobile, NuWaves, Blue Sky Network, Hyperion Partners, Exactor, and Unifly as well as innovative startups like Valqari, NEO Ex Systems, ResilienX, and Rawhide Intel Services are working to help us bring together our technology with their products and services to create the Google ecosystem of drones.

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We've Come A Long Way

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Since our founding in 2017 we've specialized in the most intense and advanced missions requiring custom drone designs and experienced mission operators. 

We were the first to perform a live-railway subterranean GPS denied tunnel inspection.

We were the first to perform a real-time live-streamed overwater railway bridge inspection.

We were the first to utilize proprietary laser-measurement for facade inspection photogrammetry.

We were the first to integrate drones with specialty equipment for wild-fire response.

With our pioneering spirit we are working to bring this advanced tech to our industry customers through our product lines of drones, software, and operations.

Tunnel Inspections
Tower Inspections
Bridge Inspections
Facade Inspections
Drone Design & Manufacturing

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Design & Manufacturing

Our vehicles are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA to support any operator - from commercial to recreational.

Solutions Adaptations

We can help you adapt any commercial application for UAV operations. 


Inspections - Photography

We capture in-depth images of any asset, event, or landscape and can identify cracks, shifting, rust and more.


Established in collaboration with the Ohio Aerospace Institute in 2017 as an experiment to prove the demand for a drone market in the state; ‘The Ohio Drone Project’ Experiment quickly took on a life of its own with the project founders transforming the once experimental project into a business.

The Norfolk Southern RR Company Project Involved Advanced Drone Inspection of Critical Infrastructure without affecting operations.


The SIERRA Project Involved Advanced Drone Hardware and Software Capable of Heavy Lift Operations and Advanced Data Analysis.

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Ohio is the birthplace of flight and space. Though North Carolina was “First in flight”, any historian would tell you if Ohio had a region where there were 10 continuous miles of soft sand and steady 30 mph winds, Wilbur and Orville would have rather had a fresh, warm Ohio apple pie after the first flight rather than sand, fleas, and flies.

Ohio is the birthplace, home, and passing place of America's first human to orbit the earth, John Glenn, and the first human to the Moon, Neil Armstrong. Humanity has no other place on this rock where it owes more debt to a single group of brave people to help us learn to expand beyond this planet. That's before we mention the other 23 astronauts, countless inventors, enthusiasts, teachers, citizens, parents, and sisters who made it possible.

If you are looking for advice on where to start a drone company, ask NASA Glenn Research Center, Ohio Aerospace Institute, Plum Brook Station, Wright Pat Airforce Base, Sierra-Lobo, SCORE, HCDC, GE-Aviation, & 30 other registered drone companies... START A DRONE COMPANY IN OHIO.

Why Ohio





Formed in 2016 under OAI

Patents in Inspection Hardware & Software

6 Figure Revenue w/ over 1,000 Flights



75% Retired US Military, US Gov, & 1st Responder



Emergency Management 

Inspection Technologies (Including GPS denied spaces)

Meet The Team


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Rob Charvat

President / CTO, Co-Founder

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Director Civil Engineering Services, Co-Founder

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