Offer Your Payload As An Approved Swappable!

EZ-SWAP Partner Program

Gone are the days of expensive single purpose drones! With the EZ-SWAP System drone pilots will be able to easily swap out attachments in under 10 seconds making OHD's line of EZ-SWAP enabled drones the most versatile affordable drones on the market.


If you have a product or system you'd like to integrate as a swappable you can enroll in our Marketplace or Custom Maker programs. We'll provide you with everything you need to design your very own swappable and we'll even help you print it! For enterprise level partners we also help test the product or systems integration.



EZ-SWAP Partners who would like their Swappable Package to be available to purchase on our marketplace should enroll in the EZ-SWAP Marketplace program where partners will work directly with OHD product engineers to design, test, and approve their integrated payload. Once approved, their swappable will be listed on the marketplace and shared with OHD's user base.

(Recommended for OEMs and approved OEM distributors)

Enrollment Opening Soon

Custom Maker

EZ-SWAP Partners who are looking to design their own unique Swappable Package should enroll in the EZ-SWAP Maker program where partners will receive a developer kit and access to OHD's community of EZ-SWAP Makers.

Participants in this program can submit to have their swappable reviewed, tested, and approved for the EZ-SWAP Marketplace.


(Recommended for personal, hobbyist, or proprietary payloads)

Enrollment Opening Soon
Dentist Using 3D Printer